Moving Weekend is Here! And the Eye Shadow Hunt Pays Off!!

I think I’ve packed so much in the last week that I needed a serious break. So, tonight I wandered out of the mostly-packed house for a bit and visited my favorite CVS. They have the biggest make-up selection of the stores in the area that I’m familiar with and they tend to have the hard-to-find items. (Like the limited edition Revlon retro lipsticks…they¬†still have all of those while I see people on Revlon’s FB page complaining about not being able to find them.) I’d been hunting for a L’oreal eye shadow called “Burst into Bloom” since seeing this tutorial the other day. And? They didn’t let me down!!


Top: Burst into Bloom. Bottom: Purple Priority.

I had had their ‘Perpetual Purple’ shade a year or so ago, but it tended to show up more gray than purple, so I’m really excited and hopeful for these! Purple Priority held up next to Perpetual Purple in the store is really pretty close to the same shade, but more purple…a brighter purple. It’s not quite as ‘dusty’ as Perpetual.

I look forward to having time to play with them next week, once everything is settled in! ūüôā

Are you excited about all the new purple-toned stuff the “radiant orchid” trend has created?


Spring Polish Must Haves/Why I Love Zoya

So, I’m¬†moving. But because this is the 2014 chapter of my life, I¬†can’t just be moving like a normal person. (i.e. packing up and moving directly from one location to another.) I’m¬†packing up my things, putting the bulk into storage (for…a month? Ish?), and staying with a friend until I¬†know exactly where I’m¬†going to move to. This means limited space. Which means narrowing down only what I absolutely cannot live without for the next month or so…and resisting the urge to bring my entire polish collection with me. *sigh*

I decided I could narrow it down to three polish color choices and my nail care must haves…



The first in the line up is Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. I have one wonky nail that insists on peeling at one of it’s corners. Literally, same nail, same spot – every.time. And once the top layer finally peels up across the tip of the nail, it’s as good as broken due to be so thin and brittle. I’m a terrible person and don’t use the Nailtiques¬†exactly as directed; you’re supposed to leave the color off of your nails and apply an additional coat to everyday. I would probably be more motivated to do that if it were ALL of my nails that peeled, but since it’s just the one…I use it as a base-coat for the one and? It helps a lot. I only picked this up last month and it’s already made a huge difference. The peeling hasn’t totally gone away, but it’s about a 10th of where it was and has only broken once in the last month v. the previous average which was about once a week.

The next two are my Zoya Anchor & Armor base and top coats. My sister asked me about top coats the other day and…she likes the Zoya colors that have some sparkle/glitter to them. Those colors stay a lot better, a lot longer on their own than the creams. I, on the other hand, totally love the cream colors and these help those to stay better, longer.

The first color is Zoya’s Portia. It is a little sheer; it takes three coats to be opaque, but it’s a really pretty ballet slipper sort of pink. It reminds me of the tiny, delicate flowers that pop up in the grass here in the spring. It has the additional “moving perk” of being a muted color, so that minor chips aren’t glaringly obvious while I’m packing boxes!

The second color is Zoya’s Dove. It’s not as sheer as Portia and still a mild enough color not to show a lot of chips if they do happen. I like the pastel shades for spring and while spring does make me think of flowers, it was makes me think of those “April showers” that bring the flowers, too. This color reminds me of those cool days when it’s overcast and raining but not out-and-out dark skies and storming. It makes me think of that slow drizzle kind of rain that makes you want to stay in bed all day, throw open the windows and just listen to it fall.

The third is Zoya’s Brigitte. This one was just released at the end of last year/start of this year in the Naturel collection and it’s already a favorite of mine. It’s the most opaque of the three and also the darkest of my choices. It makes me think of flowers and romance novels. I can see myself wearing this one with a pretty spring dress to a picnic with this color. It’s delicate and romantic and…I just love it.

Yes, I am a huge fan of the Zoya colors. I’m not paid by Zoya or gifted anything from them; this is all my and my own snobbery. Yes, outside of sales, they are $9-$10 a bottle…but they’re worth it. I love a lot of the colors offered by, say, Sinful Colors and those are like, $2 a bottle in stores. The problem? I’m lucky if I can get those to last for 12 hours. I recently went through something similar with one of the Revlon Tweeds (I still buy a fair amount of “drug store” polishes for the trendy polishes that I feel like I might not use the whole bottle before the trend passes). I painted all but my ring fingers with Zoya’s Jules and did the ring fingers as accent nails with Revlon’s Woven Clutch. Two days in, the Zoya polish still looked flawless…and the Revlon polish…peeled up and off my nails in solid pieces. Exact same prime and prep…very different wear.

The second reason is that something my ex said stuck. I used to be really bad about not wanting to take the time to get polish remover and take polishes off when they started chipping. I’m also a reformed nail biter. I had a thing for scraping the left over polish off with my teeth in moments of boredom. Not sexy, but it happened…and it annoyed him to no end. So, one day, he took the tact of, “That CANNOT be good for you.” and Google’d. He found that most polishes contain formaldehyde and that formaldehyde can have adverse effects on the thyroid. I’ve since ditched all habits that involve my fingers near my mouth, but it still stuck with me. Zoya is “Big 5 Free.” Their products contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor. I know; your eyes probably just glazed over…mine did, too. Formaldehyde is the big one that most people recognize as being the chemical used to preserve cadavers and everything is, like, “whut?” But you don’t have to know the particulars on each individual chemical to figure out that the most natural route is the safest in most situations. Even things that current science says is “safe”…we’re still finding that some chemicals which have been widely used and even promoted for use may not be safe for us. Case and point that’s recently been in the news: Fluoride. …¬†I’m not saying that¬†all chemicals are horrible. That isn’t true, some are actually life saving. But…this is nail polish. Do we really want to add unnecessary chemicals to our lives where they’re not needed?

So, those are the polishes that I can’t live without this spring (and why). If you had to pack a month’s worth of “necessities” into a suit case, what “not strictly necessary” item/s would you pack and why?