Moving Weekend is Here! And the Eye Shadow Hunt Pays Off!!

I think I’ve packed so much in the last week that I needed a serious break. So, tonight I wandered out of the mostly-packed house for a bit and visited my favorite CVS. They have the biggest make-up selection of the stores in the area that I’m familiar with and they tend to have the hard-to-find items. (Like the limited edition Revlon retro lipsticks…they still have all of those while I see people on Revlon’s FB page complaining about not being able to find them.) I’d been hunting for a L’oreal eye shadow called “Burst into Bloom” since seeing this tutorial the other day. And? They didn’t let me down!!


Top: Burst into Bloom. Bottom: Purple Priority.

I had had their ‘Perpetual Purple’ shade a year or so ago, but it tended to show up more gray than purple, so I’m really excited and hopeful for these! Purple Priority held up next to Perpetual Purple in the store is really pretty close to the same shade, but more purple…a brighter purple. It’s not quite as ‘dusty’ as Perpetual.

I look forward to having time to play with them next week, once everything is settled in! 🙂

Are you excited about all the new purple-toned stuff the “radiant orchid” trend has created?


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