Step One: Idea.

I need rehab. Not…quite literally, but in that I-spend-too-much-time-on-youtube-and-pinterest sort of way. I have two final projects due tomorrow, so the actual process of this isn’t going to happen until some time next week, but I’m getting really excited so I thought I’d share my DIY plans now, while my fiance` is sleeping and I can’t really get a lot done on my other projects…

Sometime last year, I stumbled on to this via pinterest…


[Original article and more photos here.]

I tried making my own shortly there after. I went to a craft store and bought a glass container and their pre-dyed floral sand in a not-quite-green color. I had several issues…the first was the color choices available in the store. I had pictured a vivid, lime green color in my head for the project. They had nothing of the sort. (I’ve since discovered they also sell larger, cheaper varieties of sand in the children’s arts and crafts area, but those are also more “primary” colors and I haven’t tried them so I’m not sure about my next point…)

The second was trying to water my cacti after planting them in the sand. The sand repelled the water. Maybe this is just an issue with altered/dyed sand, period, and time will tell, but the sand was really fine and seemed to be treated in a manner that repelled water. Either way, when I watered it, the water sat in little, ugly puddles on top of the sand.

The last part was my own fault: I’d gone to the craft store and picked out one glass container (the same style pictured in the photo above). Then I went to the home improvement store and was taken in my all the varieties of cacti and succulents available. I bought too many and by the time I was done, it was too crowded to “draw” much of anything in the sand. Whoops!

My sad little creation has trucked in through the last eight months or so, but make no mistake: it is pretty sad.

Then I saw this the other week…

YouTube – EssieButton – Spring 2014 DIY at 1:54

Slightly different (probably easier in a lot of respects), but it lit my fire to re-try the zen garden project.

I decided my first order of business was figuring out how to get the color of sand I wanted…

Dying sand.

Rit fabric dye color/mixology chart. … I’m swooning over Cayenne, Radiant Orchid and Hemlock!

I picked up sand and dye the other day and then picked out a couple more glass containers. My cacti are still kicking it and I don’t know what to do with all of them! I also agree with Essie – can one ever have too many cacti/houseplants?? So I bought a $5 cylinder glass at WalMart that looks like this one:


…and then went prowling through their kitchen selection because I was kinda underwhelmed by the craft department otherwise. (I guess I should specify the glass selection of the craft department… I did make it out with some sun catchers, paint for sun catchers and suction-cup hooks for sun catchers that I couldn’t find at the craft store for later project…) I came out with a decent sized, footed “sundae bowl” for $2. Less than $20 later, I’m all set to give it another shot next week!

Are you doing any Spring DIYs? What gets you excited for Spring??

Unrelated side note: If you haven’t seen yet, Zoya released their Summer 2014 collection colors for pre-order! OMG! DO WANT THE TINKLED COLLECTION!!