Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (Day One)

I noticed a display in CVS a week ago for Revlon’s new Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish. Aaaand all four of the top coat slots were empty. *grumble* Mind you, I head desk’d my through the replies to Revlon’s limited edition throwback lipsticks a couple of months ago; I understand that the display held two of each and that they were *limited edition.* Not everyone was promised to get one. This is different. It appears, by the mass clearancing of their previous Colorstay polishes, that this is new line launching. Sooooo…you need to put out ample top coats, assuming that most people are going to buy one or two colors and a top coat. (You don’t really expect 4 people – there are four slots in the displays – to buy out the rather large display of colors, do you? … Okay, I’ve watched too many YouTube polish collector’s videos; don’t answer that! LOL But seriously… It’s a new line. Most of us want to test the waters first…)

Anyway, yesterday, Hubby-to-be and I stopped off at a Walgreens for something unrelated and there – after I had searched the three drug stores closest to us – sat two of the top coats in their display! SQUEE!! I picked up a top coat and Jokers Wild. 

Test Drive: Day One…



I like having my nails painted, but I don’t want to paint them more than once a week…or invest in a $50 light and more in a bunch of actual gel polishes…on top of already rather large collection of regular polishes. I know; I like cake and not just looking at it! I also don’t know how I feel about the whole stripping off gel polish process…my nails are sort of thin and fickle anyway. I still love my Zoyas, but some wear better than others, they raised their prices this year and…I haven’t seen them run a sale since January. (Granted…the January promo was amazing, but still…on a budget here!) Thus, I’m always looking for alternatives. (The Revlon Gel Envies are regular $7.99, but were – and Revlon commonly is – on sale BOGO  50% off at Walgreens… Two for $12 does beat $16-$18 for two…plus shipping if you can’t find the color(s) that you want at Ulta.) 

And when this one does chip off, I’m looking forward to these…!


Sally Hansen’s ‘Red, White & Hue’ and Revlon pebble texture in ‘Moroccan Oasis.’ 

We’re also waiting on word from a company up North on a final job offer so that we can get moved and the rest my precious’ can get taken out of storage! Though I think I might need a second rack…my three Zoyas that I brought with me for the short-term have slowly but surely gained 19 (!) new friends as a “couple of weeks” stretched into a “few months”! *well polished fingers crossed*


2 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (Day One)

    • LOL A lot of coupons, a lot of sales, a lot of depression from the living situation…19. Also, yes, that’s why I picked it up! So excite!

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