Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (Day Three)


Well…that was disappointing. Yes; we’re moving…however, the majority of our stuff has been packed in storage for the last two months so, I haven’t really done anything above and beyond what I would normally do in the course of 3 days. After the first day, one corner was a little chipped. No big; over all, they still looked good, but by day three…it looked like most other polishes do on my nails after three days of wear. I was really hoping for a few more good days out of this product. :-/

Today I’m kidnapping the Hubby and am planning to take him to get a pedicure! He has nice feet, but I’m hoping he’ll get some relaxation out of it and…I wanna go! It’s been so long and it always feels soooo good! I think I may get a quick manicure while I’m there for Monday morning’s errands (just before loading the truck) and hope that that braces my poor nails for the move a bit. 

I’m not completely sure when we’ll have internet on at the new place (soon!) and we’re breaking down the computers either tonight or tomorrow morning, so far well for now! 🙂


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