Spectrum Cosmetics Nail Polishes

spectrum 006

A couple of weeks ago I went on a random shopping spree through Etsy. It was completely haphazard and very, “Oh, that looks pretty!” and “That sounds like an interesting smell!” I walked away with a new soap, a new perfume and two new nail polishes from Spectrum Cosmetics. I’ve had time to play with all of them and this is how I feel about them…

I like the soap; it does smell like roses and makes for a pleasant shower experience. That said…I probably wouldn’t repurchase it just because I had an ‘ah ha’ moment of my own personal experience and preference the other day; I just don’t think soaps, in generally, leave that lasting of a scent. I can buy a Yardley bar for around $1 and accomplish the same thing. Or, you know, use the Bath & Body Works shower gel that My MiL buys me for Christmas each year and which, even though they smell amazeballs, tend to be forgotten about in my stash/hoard. I seriously do  not “need” to buy soap again for at least another 6 months… There needs to be a browser extension that pops up when you add something from selected categories to your cart that says, “Are you SURE about that? You already have 6 bars of soap in back stock…” I digress… If you’re looking for a mildly exfoliating bar soap that smells like actual roses? Get it!

I was really disappointed in the Black Cat perfume. It’s described as, “BLACK CAT”…is the purrrrrfect blend for fall! Black Cat, has strong top notes of black currants, strawberries, and mulberries; middle note of granny smith apples; bottom notes of rose and jasmine. I…smell oranges and that’s it. It was one of those, “But…I WANT to like this! SO MUCH!! UGH!!” moments. *sigh* It didn’t catch on fire for me. Or hubby; whom has final veto power of everything.

August2014 021


Maia nail polish; three coats. I do love this color (and so does hubby for that matter…and he rarely comments on my nail polish colors. LOL). It goes on sort of thin and did take me three coats to get it opaque, but it was easy for me to work with. It’s described on the site as, “a sheer black base, and is loaded with flecks of copper sparkle. In order to allow the sparkle to show through, the base is sheer.” It really looks like a deep chocolate brown base rather than a black though; especially when you have it next to an obviously black polish. It is very pretty and smacks of “autumn.” It wore well for 2-3 and then peeled off in full sheets…which was actually a selling point for me. I mean, it’s inevitable that nail polishes are going to chip…I’d much rather be able to peel it off than have to soak my fingertips in remover when it does. This wasn’t like the drug store “Sinful” polish though, which peels off in whole sheets after just a few hours on my nails. I might be able to get more staying power out of it by playing with base coats, too, but try not to use much when doing trial runs so that I know how the polish itself performs.

August2014 027

Dark Matter is described as, “a black base, with tiny flecks of holographic glitter, In order to allow the glitter to show through, this color will require 2 thin coats for full coverage.” Yeah, this one took me three coats, too. But it was well worth it! It does very much look like you’re staring at a starry sky. It did the same thing as Maia and peeled up after a few days; again, not a deal breaker for me. I will definitely pick up more polishes from them in the future!

My next bender will more than likely be from Superchic Lacquer. They’re releasing a collection on September first (swatches) that makes me swoon! I’m also a bit antsy waiting to see what the drug store brands put out for fall collections!

I started working on my autumn wreath, too! But then this nasty head cold swept through the house and…yeah, I lost an entire day. I literally did not get out of bed Tuesday, save for an hour where I moved to the couch because I wanted to be closer to Hubby while he watched TV before work. It was bad. Luckily, Little Girl didn’t get the worst of it and Hubby is a trooper, so they didn’t miss any school/work. Anyway, I need to go back out tomorrow (? Maybe?) and get another skein of yarn to cover it in because I went all, “Go big or go home!” on it and one wasn’t enough. I strayed a bit from the original idea, but…it’s become my own and I like that. Pictures soon!


Purple Brocade Inspired Nails…

purplebrocade 007

Following up from last week’s Gold Brocade Nails, my sister wanted to see the look in purple. So, I put down Zoya’s “Lotus” with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dru “Grape Going!” and I really need to not stamp my nails on the couch, but you get the idea… I really do like the way that these came out. (It’s still on my nails and I’ll probably leave it for another day or two; about as long as I leave any polish. LOL I have too many to keep it the same for too long and they usually chip after 2 or 3 days anyway.)

Clearance Goodness from Ulta

Our local Ulta is having a major clearance blow out and sent out coupons and I had – have; I couldn’t manage to use all of it – a gift card. Woot! The only one that was more than $1 is the Zoya fourth from the left; it was $3.73 after coupon.

clearancehaul 001

Left to right: (Little Girl’s pick) an Ulta glitter without a name on the bottle, Zoya’s PiafChita and Cassedy, a copper Essence colour & go that LG picked out, China Glaze Sand Dolla Make you Holla, Piggy Polish in All That Glitters (which LG picked and, ironically, there’s no glitter in it that I can see…), China Glaze’s Bat My Eyes, Howl You Doin’, & Boo-gie Down (…which are from last year’s Halloween collection. I did have to sift through the bins a bit to find a “Boo-gie Down” that was still fluid, but for 73-cents? These will help hold me over until this year’s collection is released! Also, I’ve decided that I like “Boo-gie Down” better than this year’s “Rest in Pieces,” so I probably won’t bother with that one.), and OPI’s Minnie Style, which was another LG pick. 

The Zoya colors probably aren’t ones that I would have ordered at full price (sight unswatched…for the moment), but to pad the Zoya collection for nail art and stuff? They’re totally worth the 73-cents/97-cents (before coupon; just clearance priced). They’re all still on the Zoya website for $9-$10. (It doesn’t look like they ever discontinue most of their colors…? Except the matte ones that everyone was nuts over, ironically.) 

So…that was my afternoon; searching through the clearance bins with Little Girl! We had fun with it and I can’t wait to see what we can do with some of these! 🙂

Gold Brocade Nails

brocade 004

Tomorrow is ‘Meet the Teacher’ at Little Girl’s new school, so I figured I’d better do something with my nails, which were still bare after the glitter Modge Podge from the other night peeled off of them (so much for that 20 minute soak I thought I was in for). So, I broke out my L’oreal eva’s nude polish, my MoYou London Pro Collection – 08 stamping plate and some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Go for Gold. The effect is subtle and elegant.

Not What I Expected…

I decided to break out the untouched bottle of Revlon’s Moroccan Oasis. The swatch on the store display made it look like a beachy version of Zoya’s “Pixie” collection; a texture of sand mixed with some beautiful sky blues. Zoya’s textured polishes are opaque in two coats; again, I expected it of this polish. I was wrong on all counts…

MoroccanOasis 030

Four coats of the polish later and it kinda just looks like I Modge Podge’d glitter on to my nails. It’s patchy and not the “Last Day at the Beach!” manicure that I was hoping for. I just don’t get into the chunky, over-the-top glitters. 

So, I took pictures and then plugged my SD card into the card reader… Weekend before last, Hubby, Little Girl and I had loaded up and gone to another local park. Shortly there after, the battery in my camera had died; makes sense since I hadn’t charged it in the 7 weeks prior. Whoops! We had walked around some afterward and then come home. I was tired and disappointed, so I found my charger and moved on with my day. Completely forgetting the pictures that I had taken…

MoroccanOasis 002 MoroccanOasis 005 MoroccanOasis 006 MoroccanOasis 010 MoroccanOasis 013 MoroccanOasis 016 MoroccanOasis 017 MoroccanOasis 018

So…this blog didn’t turn out to be what I had originally expected. Hello, theme for my life… But that isn’t all bad. 

Remind me to check in again after I’ve soaked my fingertips in acetone for 20 minutes trying to get this glitter bomb off though… 😛

Newsy-Type Stuff from My World

(1) The TTC group was fun, but short-lived. No, I don’t want to see your period blood clots. I don’t care how many times you type “TMI” above it, when that photo loads immediately under it, what do you think my eyes, my 5 year old’s eyes and my passing-by hubby’s eyes focus on first? *head desk* I’m sorry; maybe that makes me a bad person. And I know labor and delivery are not the prettiest sights in the world. I went through a miscarriage at three months along. At home. I’ve seen things. Bad things. That doesn’t mean I want to see more of them and I damned sure didn’t invite my 5 year old into the bathroom while I was miscarrying. /rant. The breaking point was the admins declaring that anyone that wasn’t supportive of the over-share photos would be banned from the group. *blink…bliiiink* I hear Cuba is beautiful, but, uhm…there’s a reason people aren’t lining up to move there. Jussayin’.

(2) My nails have been breaking like crazy. I’m not sure what is up with that, but it kinda thwarts any plans of swatching polishes since my nails are tiny and I need the extra length in order to not just end up painting my finger tips. *sigh* If you need a swatch-fix, check out these:


“Getting to Gnaw You,” “Rest in Pieces,” “I Love Your Guts,” and “But of Corpse” are now on my wishlist. *swoon*

(3) Autumn is coming. This excites me. Last year I had hoped to do more fall crafty and recipe type things than I actually got to. (The last year was just…FUBAR’ed and I’m writing it off. My other blog with my more real-lifey-type-stuff has more on that, if you’re bored or curious.) This year is different and I’m wondering if I can’t make some of that isolation I’ve been feeling lately work to my advantage in that department… Hmm…

(4) One of the themes that I keep seeing in my summer-to-fall transitions is a need to rework my schedule. This year is no different there, especially not when Hubby goes to third shift (over nights) the week after next. I have a bunch of differing ideas kicking around about sleep schedules and I’m still working that out, but I’ve also seen a lot of articles lately on three and four day work weeks. I tend to look at school as though it is my job; it’s where the bulk of income comes from at the moment, so…makes sense, right? Anyway, I think a three-day work week is cutting it kind of close for me. Since I’m at home, it’s not like I can just stay at work longer and get things done; my daughter will still be coming home (and making me mildly insane) after a certain number of hours, Hubby will come wandering out to the kitchen like a bear from hibernation in search of food, etc.. I’m thinking four days might be the sweet spot. I still have an extra day “off” to enjoy life and do the things that I want to do, but still four days to do the things I need to. Today I’m delving into my Excel spread-sheety goodness and I think that’s one of the things that I’ll tackle is putting together a mock-schedule. 

(5) In relation to 3 & 4, I’ve also started realizing that I’m not as organized as I would like to be and that needs to change. Working on that, too… If anyone has any tips or ideas that have worked for them, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!