Newsy-Type Stuff from My World

(1) The TTC group was fun, but short-lived. No, I don’t want to see your period blood clots. I don’t care how many times you type “TMI” above it, when that photo loads immediately under it, what do you think my eyes, my 5 year old’s eyes and my passing-by hubby’s eyes focus on first? *head desk* I’m sorry; maybe that makes me a bad person. And I know labor and delivery are not the prettiest sights in the world. I went through a miscarriage at three months along. At home. I’ve seen things. Bad things. That doesn’t mean I want to see more of them and I damned sure didn’t invite my 5 year old into the bathroom while I was miscarrying. /rant. The breaking point was the admins declaring that anyone that wasn’t supportive of the over-share photos would be banned from the group. *blink…bliiiink* I hear Cuba is beautiful, but, uhm…there’s a reason people aren’t lining up to move there. Jussayin’.

(2) My nails have been breaking like crazy. I’m not sure what is up with that, but it kinda thwarts any plans of swatching polishes since my nails are tiny and I need the extra length in order to not just end up painting my finger tips. *sigh* If you need a swatch-fix, check out these:


“Getting to Gnaw You,” “Rest in Pieces,” “I Love Your Guts,” and “But of Corpse” are now on my wishlist. *swoon*

(3) Autumn is coming. This excites me. Last year I had hoped to do more fall crafty and recipe type things than I actually got to. (The last year was just…FUBAR’ed and I’m writing it off. My other blog with my more real-lifey-type-stuff has more on that, if you’re bored or curious.) This year is different and I’m wondering if I can’t make some of that isolation I’ve been feeling lately work to my advantage in that department… Hmm…

(4) One of the themes that I keep seeing in my summer-to-fall transitions is a need to rework my schedule. This year is no different there, especially not when Hubby goes to third shift (over nights) the week after next. I have a bunch of differing ideas kicking around about sleep schedules and I’m still working that out, but I’ve also seen a lot of articles lately on three and four day work weeks. I tend to look at school as though it is my job; it’s where the bulk of income comes from at the moment, so…makes sense, right? Anyway, I think a three-day work week is cutting it kind of close for me. Since I’m at home, it’s not like I can just stay at work longer and get things done; my daughter will still be coming home (and making me mildly insane) after a certain number of hours, Hubby will come wandering out to the kitchen like a bear from hibernation in search of food, etc.. I’m thinking four days might be the sweet spot. I still have an extra day “off” to enjoy life and do the things that I want to do, but still four days to do the things I need to. Today I’m delving into my Excel spread-sheety goodness and I think that’s one of the things that I’ll tackle is putting together a mock-schedule. 

(5) In relation to 3 & 4, I’ve also started realizing that I’m not as organized as I would like to be and that needs to change. Working on that, too… If anyone has any tips or ideas that have worked for them, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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