Not What I Expected…

I decided to break out the untouched bottle of Revlon’s Moroccan Oasis. The swatch on the store display made it look like a beachy version of Zoya’s “Pixie” collection; a texture of sand mixed with some beautiful sky blues. Zoya’s textured polishes are opaque in two coats; again, I expected it of this polish. I was wrong on all counts…

MoroccanOasis 030

Four coats of the polish later and it kinda just looks like I Modge Podge’d glitter on to my nails. It’s patchy and not the “Last Day at the Beach!” manicure that I was hoping for. I just don’t get into the chunky, over-the-top glitters. 

So, I took pictures and then plugged my SD card into the card reader… Weekend before last, Hubby, Little Girl and I had loaded up and gone to another local park. Shortly there after, the battery in my camera had died; makes sense since I hadn’t charged it in the 7 weeks prior. Whoops! We had walked around some afterward and then come home. I was tired and disappointed, so I found my charger and moved on with my day. Completely forgetting the pictures that I had taken…

MoroccanOasis 002 MoroccanOasis 005 MoroccanOasis 006 MoroccanOasis 010 MoroccanOasis 013 MoroccanOasis 016 MoroccanOasis 017 MoroccanOasis 018

So…this blog didn’t turn out to be what I had originally expected. Hello, theme for my life… But that isn’t all bad. 

Remind me to check in again after I’ve soaked my fingertips in acetone for 20 minutes trying to get this glitter bomb off though… 😛


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