Clearance Goodness from Ulta

Our local Ulta is having a major clearance blow out and sent out coupons and I had – have; I couldn’t manage to use all of it – a gift card. Woot! The only one that was more than $1 is the Zoya fourth from the left; it was $3.73 after coupon.

clearancehaul 001

Left to right: (Little Girl’s pick) an Ulta glitter without a name on the bottle, Zoya’s PiafChita and Cassedy, a copper Essence colour & go that LG picked out, China Glaze Sand Dolla Make you Holla, Piggy Polish in All That Glitters (which LG picked and, ironically, there’s no glitter in it that I can see…), China Glaze’s Bat My Eyes, Howl You Doin’, & Boo-gie Down (…which are from last year’s Halloween collection. I did have to sift through the bins a bit to find a “Boo-gie Down” that was still fluid, but for 73-cents? These will help hold me over until this year’s collection is released! Also, I’ve decided that I like “Boo-gie Down” better than this year’s “Rest in Pieces,” so I probably won’t bother with that one.), and OPI’s Minnie Style, which was another LG pick. 

The Zoya colors probably aren’t ones that I would have ordered at full price (sight unswatched…for the moment), but to pad the Zoya collection for nail art and stuff? They’re totally worth the 73-cents/97-cents (before coupon; just clearance priced). They’re all still on the Zoya website for $9-$10. (It doesn’t look like they ever discontinue most of their colors…? Except the matte ones that everyone was nuts over, ironically.) 

So…that was my afternoon; searching through the clearance bins with Little Girl! We had fun with it and I can’t wait to see what we can do with some of these! 🙂


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