Spectrum Cosmetics Nail Polishes

spectrum 006

A couple of weeks ago I went on a random shopping spree through Etsy. It was completely haphazard and very, “Oh, that looks pretty!” and “That sounds like an interesting smell!” I walked away with a new soap, a new perfume and two new nail polishes from Spectrum Cosmetics. I’ve had time to play with all of them and this is how I feel about them…

I like the soap; it does smell like roses and makes for a pleasant shower experience. That said…I probably wouldn’t repurchase it just because I had an ‘ah ha’ moment of my own personal experience and preference the other day; I just don’t think soaps, in generally, leave that lasting of a scent. I can buy a Yardley bar for around $1 and accomplish the same thing. Or, you know, use the Bath & Body Works shower gel that My MiL buys me for Christmas each year and which, even though they smell amazeballs, tend to be forgotten about in my stash/hoard. I seriously do  not “need” to buy soap again for at least another 6 months… There needs to be a browser extension that pops up when you add something from selected categories to your cart that says, “Are you SURE about that? You already have 6 bars of soap in back stock…” I digress… If you’re looking for a mildly exfoliating bar soap that smells like actual roses? Get it!

I was really disappointed in the Black Cat perfume. It’s described as, “BLACK CAT”…is the purrrrrfect blend for fall! Black Cat, has strong top notes of black currants, strawberries, and mulberries; middle note of granny smith apples; bottom notes of rose and jasmine. I…smell oranges and that’s it. It was one of those, “But…I WANT to like this! SO MUCH!! UGH!!” moments. *sigh* It didn’t catch on fire for me. Or hubby; whom has final veto power of everything.

August2014 021


Maia nail polish; three coats. I do love this color (and so does hubby for that matter…and he rarely comments on my nail polish colors. LOL). It goes on sort of thin and did take me three coats to get it opaque, but it was easy for me to work with. It’s described on the site as, “a sheer black base, and is loaded with flecks of copper sparkle. In order to allow the sparkle to show through, the base is sheer.” It really looks like a deep chocolate brown base rather than a black though; especially when you have it next to an obviously black polish. It is very pretty and smacks of “autumn.” It wore well for 2-3 and then peeled off in full sheets…which was actually a selling point for me. I mean, it’s inevitable that nail polishes are going to chip…I’d much rather be able to peel it off than have to soak my fingertips in remover when it does. This wasn’t like the drug store “Sinful” polish though, which peels off in whole sheets after just a few hours on my nails. I might be able to get more staying power out of it by playing with base coats, too, but try not to use much when doing trial runs so that I know how the polish itself performs.

August2014 027

Dark Matter is described as, “a black base, with tiny flecks of holographic glitter, In order to allow the glitter to show through, this color will require 2 thin coats for full coverage.” Yeah, this one took me three coats, too. But it was well worth it! It does very much look like you’re staring at a starry sky. It did the same thing as Maia and peeled up after a few days; again, not a deal breaker for me. I will definitely pick up more polishes from them in the future!

My next bender will more than likely be from Superchic Lacquer. They’re releasing a collection on September first (swatches) that makes me swoon! I’m also a bit antsy waiting to see what the drug store brands put out for fall collections!

I started working on my autumn wreath, too! But then this nasty head cold swept through the house and…yeah, I lost an entire day. I literally did not get out of bed Tuesday, save for an hour where I moved to the couch because I wanted to be closer to Hubby while he watched TV before work. It was bad. Luckily, Little Girl didn’t get the worst of it and Hubby is a trooper, so they didn’t miss any school/work. Anyway, I need to go back out tomorrow (? Maybe?) and get another skein of yarn to cover it in because I went all, “Go big or go home!” on it and one wasn’t enough. I strayed a bit from the original idea, but…it’s become my own and I like that. Pictures soon!


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