Halloween Polishes!

I’m not  happy panda tonight. I found an eye shadow line that I really wanted to try. I sifted through YouTube videos and came up with three colors that I really wanted to try. I hit “check out” and…their site is down. I ordered some nail polishes last week and because it was a launch for their fall line, they just shipped out this morning. I’m impatient!

sallyhansenhalloween 002


Thankfully, when you’re impatient and can’t wait for fall, there’s always drug store! Sally Hansen put these out and they were at our Meijer last weekend!

Night Fright (black), OMGhost, & Pumpkin Queen.

They also had a matte black one, but since I already have Zoya’s Dovima and I use the Insta-Dri ones for stamping; matte doesn’t work with that idea, in my experience, I decided to forego that one. And, yes, I have the polishing skills of a Kindergartner tonight. Don’t judge.

sallyhansenhalloween 009

Aaaand because I was bored and twitchy with impatience… (1) You should just not be a loner, like myself, and have someone draw things on so that they’re centered. (2) Don’t use a Sharpie. (It was midnight and I’ve done worse, but I just wasn’t up for making a nail art pen run at 12a.m. tonight. Sorry not sorry.) (3) The glitter is China Glaze’s Boo-gie Down from last year’s collection that I picked up for pennies last month.

This is just a glimpse at the potential of the collection. I don’t ever remember the drug store brands really releasing holiday collections before outside of Christmas, so I thought this was awesome to see.

But speaking of Christmas… I also picked up one of Rimmel’s new Glitter Bomb polishes in “Midnight Mistletoe.” I will wait until at least November to swatch it, but…Christmas in a bottle. It is so pretty that I’m not even mad about it being out in SeptemberAnd they had coupons on every display at Meijer, so it made the polish, like, under $2.


Quick grab from my phone, because I’m being lazy… Midnight Mistletoe and finally a successful “beauty blender” knock off! WalMart had these blenders by SoHo for $4.96. I refuse to pay more than $10 for the name-brand blenders. I will probably cave in one day and do it…and be like, “ZOMG! YES! THIS IS THE BEST!!” But until that day…I’ve spent more than $10 trying to find a decent cheapy. (I know. I’m admitting it…it’s silly.) I’ve tried a few of the “gourd” style ones and threw them all out; they were terrible. This one worked for me. I really liked it and think it’s totally worth the $5. (Yes, there is makeup on it; I didn’t really take a photo of it initially because…I assumed I wasn’t going to like it. I’d had poor batting average up to this point…)

One last thing before I run away and actually, like, do school work or some such… Zoya is starting up a new promo good through September 21st. Basically, you buy three polishes and get three free and a full size of their remover, which is pretty awesome, AND free shipping. (I love them, but if their promos don’t involve free shipping…they tend not to be worth it for me. This one is really close to their 3 “free”; just pay $12 shipping & handling that they seem to run every January…but you have to spend the $25/get 6; which I do anyway – and then some – when they put out the 3/$12 deals.)


So…if you can’t tell…I’m really excited about that. 😉


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