#RockTheLunchbox Product Review

I signed up for Influenster last fall and have been really excited for the program so far. Tonight I cashed out the gift cards that I earned for doing things on eBay last year for the newest Lorac pallete and I’m really, really excited! But I was also excited to qualify for their Rock the Lunchbox promotion!

rockthelunchbox I picked up our products last week. (There was also a coupon for a free loaf of bread, but our Target doesn’t carry it. The next nearest Target is an hour away… Sorry; not driving that far for a loaf of bread. LOL But four out of five isn’t bad.) If you want all the details on the products that I chose, larger images and links to the manufacturers are here.

We loved (and I would/will regularly purchase) the Honest Kids juices. They are really good; I mean to the point of hubby asking me to bring him one this morning! We all really liked these and they weren’t crazy expensive; about $3.50 for the pack of eight. I also liked that this particular flavor has watermelon in it. I’d read an article a while ago about the potential health benefits of watermelon; I don’t remember the exact article that I read, but if you Google or Bing it, a bunch pop up. Pick your favorite source and happy reading!

I had been meaning to send Little Girl to school with the Half-time lunch kit. Well, she’s dragged butt every. day. this. week., so there wasn’t even time to throw it in her lunch box with one of the Honest Kids juices. Hubby decided to put it out of it’s misery this morning, so…bonus, you get a review that isn’t a six year old saying, “It was my favorite!” We weren’t fans. The meat and cheese seemed like it was really good quality, but the crackers were really salty, the Annie’s bunny grahams in it had a weird after taste, and the yogurt just wasn’t our thing. It’s probably worth mentioning that we’re not the biggest sticklers for “organic” and “uber healthy.” I’m an everything in moderation type person; we don’t eat a lot of “junk,” but it isn’t banned from our house either. I would rather have a Lunchable. Maybe some of the other selections are better; my sister loves them. If you want a healthier option over the Lunchable brand, try it! Maybe you’ll like it better than we did.

Full disclosure: I snarked at the Annie’s Pizza Poppers. “They’ve dressed up Pizza Rolls? Really?” But I tried them and…they’re better than Pizza Rolls. You can actually taste the cheese in them and they’re not as salty as the old school pizza nuggets. I think they were on sale at Target 2/$4, or something close to that, and I would probably wait for them to be on sale before buying them; they are a bit more than Pizza Rolls. However, I would buy them again in the future. They were good and I can justify the extra money on occasion.

The Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies… I opened these expecting something like the Pepperidge Farm graham cracker fishies that they now have out in a bunch of sweet flavors. Nope. Not even a little bit. They are gluten-free, so maybe that’s why, but they have a really gritty texture to them. I felt like I was eating sand…with a little bit of cocoa powder sprinkled it. Annie’s can do a lot of things really right; I have loved their Mac & Cheese for a while and the Pizza Poppers were awesome. But between these and the whole wheat ones in the Half-time lunch kit? Annie’s crackers aren’t for me! Maybe it’s different if you have to have gluten-free and maybe this is something that’s common to gluten-free crackers, but don’t buy them expecting a health dupe for the Goldfish grahams.

Those are the things that we tried and what we thought about them/what we’ll repurchase. Have you tried anything from these product lines? Would you?


Time Off & Zoya’s Annual Promo!

I abruptly stopped writing took some much-needed time off. Fall semester got crazy and I just needed to get through it. There really isn’t much to say about it… I made it through with three B’s and an A.

At the beginning of December we also found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency, so I’m taking supplements for that. If anyone doesn’t know the wonders of “gummy” vitamins, let me tell you! I’ve always had a problem consistently taking traditional vitamins. “I should take my vitamins…but I don’t have a glass of water right now and I haven’t eaten yet and I don’t want the stomach upset…I’ll take them later.” …and then later never came. The gummy versions don’t upset your stomach, don’t require water to swallow them, and are actually pretty tasty! I had start taking the Vitafusion Prenatals last year and never stopped and now I’m also taking their vitamin D gummies too, which I’m thinking will become a permanent thing because I don’t like fish and I have problems getting enough sunlight. (Yes, I fully appreciate the irony of the fact that I don’t get enough sunlight… 😉 )

All of that said, Zoya’s Facebook page has begun the build up… The annual “three free; just pay for shipping” sale is starting tomorrow! In previous years, the shipping has been $12; not their usual but a special “shipping and handling” charge specific to the promo. This year, they’re also saying, “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Check back [January 7th]!”, in addition to the three polishes. Another post suggests that it might be a new color. (*makes a face* I do not need another red polish; I hope that’s not it.)

One thing to consider when choosing colors for this promotion is that, in December, there was an announcement made that they’re going to discontinue their Pixie Dusts – which are also their more expensive ($10) polishes. The Pixies are something that people tend to either love or hate because they dry to a textured/sandy finish. The original ones look like you put glittery, tinted sand on your nails with Modge Podge and they feel that way too. More recent collections have been more glitter than “sand.” You can build them to a smooth finish with something like the Gelous polish, that fills in the gaps, or a ton of top coat if you really love the color but can’t stand the texture.

ginniI have a few in my collection and, out of those, Oswin is my favorite. For this order, I’m leaning more towards spring colors though. They do sales (and I end up buying things) at least three times per year. I wasn’t one of the people that was devastated by the announcement of the Pixie Dusts going away because I could take them or leave them, so I’m not like, “MUST! BUY! ALL! THE! PIXIES!! RAWR!!”

I do have two that I want to grab for the spring though, before they’re gone forever: Nyx, which is a periwinkle with the old “sand” texture, and Ginni (pictured left), which is a springy baby pink from the newer holographic glitter Pixie Dusts.

I’ve also seen a glimpse of their 2015 spring zoya-awakencollection; though I can’t for the life of me, find the EXACT photo that I saw earlier now. Basically…it kinda looks like they just took some of last year’s “Awaken” collection and threw in a brighter pink and a brighter chickadee yellow. The green is a creme for this year, but there’s still a shimmery blue and a shimmery purple; just like Rebel and Hudson. (Green pictured at right is Dillon.) Don’t get me wrong; Zoya is really great about not doing exact dupes of their polishes, unlike some other brands. *cough*Essie*cough, cough* But if you’re in school or have kids (or both, like moi), for the $5-a-bottle difference…last year’s collection might just be close enough.

Also for spring, I’m addicted to creme pastels. I have and recommend Dove (pastel grey), Portia (the lightest pink), and Jacqueline (a soft wash of yellow). I’m looking forward to adding Blu (below: a delicate blue) and Neely (a milky mint) to my collection.


Bevin is a creme that isn’t a pastel so much, but it’s still a really pretty dusty sage green color which has made it on to my “Must get!” list. I also fell for Cassi, “a light warm peachy-pink with coral tones and sparkling white gold shimmer,” which I think could easily go from spring to summer. Robyn, a turquoise creme, is another that could pull double duty in spring and summer. Daul, a purple-gold foil, could probably be pulled off year round…and I need a replacement for my old Faye. (Faye was one of my first Zoya’s, but recently I’ve noticed that time and light seem to have gotten to her and she’s more gold than mauvy-pink. :-/ )

If you’re not feeling the spring colors just yet, I have three from the winter collection that I’m also planning on getting. (By the time they were released, my money was going to Christmas. Whomp, whomp… And they just didn’t do any promos last month that caught on fire for me; they pushed a lot of their trios and mini polishes and I just wasn’t feeling the colors in those sales.)

ZOYA_POLISH_PRIM_454Everyone rejoiced over Willa; “Finally! Zoya put out a straight black creme!” (Previously, they only had Raven, which is still beautiful, but does have a slight shimmer to it.) Prim (right) was also part of the 2014 winter collection, but it stole a little piece of my heart and I feel like it could also work for spring. Haven is described as a “plum liquid metal” and, in truth, I probably won’t see a lot of wear out of it outside of the cooler months, but…it just looks like the perfect color to wear while sitting next to a crackling fire with a vanilla spice latte.

Finally, I randomly found Ibiza. It’s a fairly dark indigo blue. Do I need another blue polish? Do I need another dark color with warmer months ahead? Then I found this through Pinterest. Yes. Yes, I do need Ibiza. And I think I need Jo, too! It might even bump Robyn for me… I don’t want my husband to divorce me have limits on how much crazy I let myself go.

What is everyone else coveting for this magical time of the year??