#RockTheLunchbox Product Review

I signed up for Influenster last fall and have been really excited for the program so far. Tonight I cashed out the gift cards that I earned for doing things on eBay last year for the newest Lorac pallete and I’m really, really excited! But I was also excited to qualify for their Rock the Lunchbox promotion!

rockthelunchbox I picked up our products last week. (There was also a coupon for a free loaf of bread, but our Target doesn’t carry it. The next nearest Target is an hour away… Sorry; not driving that far for a loaf of bread. LOL But four out of five isn’t bad.) If you want all the details on the products that I chose, larger images and links to the manufacturers are here.

We loved (and I would/will regularly purchase) the Honest Kids juices. They are really good; I mean to the point of hubby asking me to bring him one this morning! We all really liked these and they weren’t crazy expensive; about $3.50 for the pack of eight. I also liked that this particular flavor has watermelon in it. I’d read an article a while ago about the potential health benefits of watermelon; I don’t remember the exact article that I read, but if you Google or Bing it, a bunch pop up. Pick your favorite source and happy reading!

I had been meaning to send Little Girl to school with the Half-time lunch kit. Well, she’s dragged butt every. day. this. week., so there wasn’t even time to throw it in her lunch box with one of the Honest Kids juices. Hubby decided to put it out of it’s misery this morning, so…bonus, you get a review that isn’t a six year old saying, “It was my favorite!” We weren’t fans. The meat and cheese seemed like it was really good quality, but the crackers were really salty, the Annie’s bunny grahams in it had a weird after taste, and the yogurt just wasn’t our thing. It’s probably worth mentioning that we’re not the biggest sticklers for “organic” and “uber healthy.” I’m an everything in moderation type person; we don’t eat a lot of “junk,” but it isn’t banned from our house either. I would rather have a Lunchable. Maybe some of the other selections are better; my sister loves them. If you want a healthier option over the Lunchable brand, try it! Maybe you’ll like it better than we did.

Full disclosure: I snarked at the Annie’s Pizza Poppers. “They’ve dressed up Pizza Rolls? Really?” But I tried them and…they’re better than Pizza Rolls. You can actually taste the cheese in them and they’re not as salty as the old school pizza nuggets. I think they were on sale at Target 2/$4, or something close to that, and I would probably wait for them to be on sale before buying them; they are a bit more than Pizza Rolls. However, I would buy them again in the future. They were good and I can justify the extra money on occasion.

The Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies… I opened these expecting something like the Pepperidge Farm graham cracker fishies that they now have out in a bunch of sweet flavors. Nope. Not even a little bit. They are gluten-free, so maybe that’s why, but they have a really gritty texture to them. I felt like I was eating sand…with a little bit of cocoa powder sprinkled it. Annie’s can do a lot of things really right; I have loved their Mac & Cheese for a while and the Pizza Poppers were awesome. But between these and the whole wheat ones in the Half-time lunch kit? Annie’s crackers aren’t for me! Maybe it’s different if you have to have gluten-free and maybe this is something that’s common to gluten-free crackers, but don’t buy them expecting a health dupe for the Goldfish grahams.

Those are the things that we tried and what we thought about them/what we’ll repurchase. Have you tried anything from these product lines? Would you?


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