General Update…

I just looked back over my last three or so entries and realized that I sort of jumped ahead of myself… We are moving. The details are sketchy, but this is what I know: our lease here is up on June 30th and we’re not staying. Hubby has put in for several jobs in several states. He has interviewed for one that we’re most hopeful for and we’re supposed to hear “something” back from them tomorrow; what that something is, I don’t know. I’m hoping it will be, “Go get your drug test and physical done and report to work in two weeks!” but we shall see… It’s been really hard, but we’re trying not to get too attached to any one place or job until we have the proverbial bird in the hand. We both just want to know where we’re going and when and we want to be moved already.

I’ve stuck with the “two things out for every one thing in” really well and I’m proud of that! I think after the move though, I’ll go to a one-one ratio. It’s getting really hard to find things to get rid of! A LOT has gone out and most of it probably wouldn’t have if not for the motivation of new things coming in and there being a “negative” number on the dry erase board — meaning more has come in than has gone out. I don’t want to dismiss it all together and be like, “Well, everything is under control now! Not going to worry about it until we’re buried again!” I just don’t think that I can keep up with this pace, especially not with a baby coming! Trying to just keep up with one-one while adding another person to the household sounds like more than enough of a challenge, thanks!

On the 23rd we get to find out if we’re expecting a boy or a girl! Yay for fun stuff! 🙂 We’re all excited about that. Hubby and I will be thrilled either way; LG is still hoping for a sister. 🙂

Aaand…that’s about it. 🙂 Things have been good. We’re excited and hopeful for the near future.


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