A Billion Updates…or Maybe Just Two…

(1) We’re moving! Wednesday! We heard back the day after we were supposed to (there was a bit of corporate stuff that took a bit longer than they had expected), that he needed to go get his drug test and that he could put in his 2 weeks at the job here. Since then we’ve been busy packing, prepping this apartment for our departure, and lining things up in Virginia — we have to temporarily move into an apartment until the tenant’s lease is up at the house (end up July). Hubby and I have worked really well together on this move and it’s been so painless and worked out so well so far. I don’t think things could have gone any smoother!

(Errr…well… *glances in the general direction of the post office* I’d be a little happier if one of my nail polish orders hadn’t dropped off the face of the planet. And the worst is that it’s from an indie seller, not a big corporation, so I feel terrible about the possibility of having to be like, “Erm…so…my polishes’ tracking number stopped having any activity on it FIVE days ago and we’re leaving early Wednesday morning… HALP!” I ordered it three weeks ago and didn’t think it would be an issue when we found out. For the time being, I’m just stalking my tracking numbers like a crazy woman.)

(2) We’re having a little girl!


Little Sage Isabella seems to be happy and healthy and growing stronger (and more opinionated about what we eat) every day! Naturally, we were going to be thrilled with a girl or a boy, but I’m excited that Hubby gets to use the name that he picked out so many moons ago for a baby he didn’t think he’d actually have. A friend also had a bunch of baby girl clothes left from her daughter so Little Baby (as she will probably most commonly be known; I do try to avoid using actual names most of the time here on the internet) inherited a lot of cute stuff this past weekend.

So…yeah…everything is good. We’re just super busy with final move-out things! I hope to be back to writing on a regular basis and taking more photos after the move! 🙂


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