Virginia, Pregnancy, and the Last Three Months…

We successfully made it to Virginia a few days into April. *cough*threemonthsago*cough, cough*  My side of the trip was uneventful, but Hubby and I were split up in rush hour traffic in Cincinnati. There’s a story involving the GPS, an unpaved road, a mud puddle, and a nightmarish night for Hubby…while the kitties, the dog, and I all snuggled in a comfy hotel room… But I think Hubby would like that story to die a quick and yet painful death, never to be spoken of again. LOL

We quickly set up shop in the temporary apartment and have been trying to pass the time by preparing as much as possible for the final move into the house at the end up July/beginning of August. Namely, amassing replacement furniture and planning out our decor. Then there’s getting Little Girl involved in her new Girl Scout troop and so on.

Mostly, I’ve kinda taken a break from a lot of things. I didn’t take a break when life first started throwing us some major curve balls a year and a half ago. I kept pushing through school and so many other things without stopping to regroup. I took most of spring and all of this summer off. I needed to “reset” and re-evaluate a lot of things. I’ve also been exhausted from all of this growing a tiny human business so I doubt I could have kept up anyway! I’m a little apprehensive about fall part-time classes and i don’t see spring classes happening…but we’ll see. I really just don’t want to overload myself again and I’d been doing that for a while.

Sage has continued to do well; we have an appointment on the 2nd July and I think it’s hitting the “beginning of the end” series of appointments! Hubby’s family and my sister have sent her gifts and it’s just been fun and exciting! Though I’m really anxious to be in the house already and to have her crib set up! I’m presently working on staining a set of small shelves for her toys and books. Little girl got a few gifts from my sister as well and Hubby’s paternal grandmother wants to send her something around the time Sage gets here. It’s so sweet to have people thinking of her, too. 🙂

Little Girl and I are working to change up her room a bit, too. She decided that she wanted green walls and cherry blossoms pretty early on in packing up in Illinois. We’ve since gotten her a desk and a few other things for her room to give it a face-lift and replace the posters that didn’t make the trip. I can’t wait to see it all come together for her! (I can’t wait to see the whole house come together, truthfully! Hubby and I finally got to choose things *together* and it’ll be our place so we don’t have to worry about how “removable” things are or how many holes we’re putting into walls.)

In short, all is well. We’re mostly just waiting to be in the house at this point and hoping that the couple that are in it down leave a bit before the end of the month to give us more “wiggle room.” rather than getting the keys back from the on the 31st and loading our U-Haul on the 31st, too. That…I mean…it’s doable and it’s kinda the plan for moment, until we have any word indicating otherwise, but…it’d be rough. I’d like an relatively “easy” move this time, if at all possible! 🙂