2016 Goal Setting

I feel like I should plop down here and say how I’m going to pick back up writing again in 2016. Odds are high at this point that that would be a lie though. Writing was a lot easier when I had an editor to throw the proverbial ball for me. 750-800 words on minivans? No problem. 500 words about Cairn Terriers as pets? Have it to you tomorrow morning. I can write about whatever I want, as much or as little as I want? Uhm…excuse me…I have to click back over to FaceBook and send more poop emojis to my sister now.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I enjoyed hair and makeup, working out and eating clean, and was a 4.0 student. As the days tick off now, I get further and further away from that beautiful, confident woman. I miss her and want her back, but I feel very limited in what can feasibly do to try to get there again.

Maybe the point isn’t to go back though, but to blaze a new trail. Start a new chapter. Some cliche` shizz like that. Even if that feels dangerous. (Mostly ¬†because I’m pretty sure it gives my sister bragging rights and I can just picture her dancing around me and singing, “I was riiiiiiiii-hiiiiiiii-itttttttte!” on repeat…at least until she trips over one of her dogs.) I’m just…not quite sure where I want that path to be yet, I suppose.

That’s it…that’s all…I want to decide on that path and start carving it out. I want to not feel like I’ve been folded flat so many times, like a paper crane someone decided to make and then didn’t know what to do with when they were done, so they¬†stuffed it between two heavy books, out of sight and out of mind. That’s a thing, right? To not feel that way? That’s my goal for this next year, so I damned sure hope so…