Life Updates and…Stuff.

So, I just went through and reread my last year’s worth of posts…super hard considering there was, like, four. If I’m going to start blogging here on a regular basis again – and let’s just pretend that I am – let’s catch everything up…

sageyardpic(1) That tiny, smushy baby is now nearly a 20 pound toddler. That can walk. Whee!! It’s been an adventure for sure…

(2) Oops…we’re in Michigan! Condensed version: Last fall we really started to notice that Virginia wasn’t working out so well financially. Then Hubs tried to find a second job or even just one with sufficient income there. No dice. So, this past March, he started going to job conferences and…he got an offer we couldn’t refuse, so after finals*, we packed up the house and we moved to Southern Michigan! He really likes the job and it pays well. I really like our rental house. Win, win. I do like being back in the Midwest again too. So, yay!

(3) I ended up dropping one of my fall classes and then taking two – yes, two – math classes in the spring. I pulled off a C in PreCalc and an A(!) in Stats. Which makes me an official holder of an Associate of Arts degree! It’s not everything, but it’s a step in the direction I want to go in. A big one.

(4) The depression is still around. Some days it’s worse, some better. The rental house comes complete with, like, 324,820,029 miles of unkempt flower beds, so I’ve been outside working on those and getting some vitamin D which…should help. In theory… (I haven’t noticed much of a change yet. *shrug* It’s been at least a month. I almost have tomatoes now…but still…meh, meh…meh.) There’s less traffic here, so that helps the anxiety aspect considerably though. (Point for Michigan!)

And stuff…

Speaking of the depression monster, I still don’t really have a clear idea of the “path” that I wasn’t sure about back in December…you know, 6ish months ago. Go me… However, I recently ran across a YouTube channel that has turned into an addiction: Simply Nailogical. Yayus…yayyyyuuuussss…go and bow down to the amazingness that is Cristine’s nails! AHhem…anyway…

A million years ago (19ish, actually…which makes me want to cry salty old lady tears all over the keyboard as I type that, but there’s no way that I’m buying Hubs a new keyboard so…), I had really wanted to (a) stop biting my nails and (b) grow them really long…like, twice the length of my [oddly short and narrow] nail beds. Instead I just found press on nails and…often accidentally bit them at the sides…and gave up. Until I stopped biting my nails in my early 20’s and, as my nails grew out, I discovered they tend to peel (specifically the middle one on my right hand for whatever reason) and break pretty easily. Dang it. But wait! What sorcery is this? Nail oil?! Not soaking them in water?! Not leaving polish off so that the nails can “breathe”?! Whaaaaaat?! Time to change up what I’m doing and try again. #LifeGoals

Here’s my starting point. On my left hand…because…I get the feeling righty is going to continue to eff me over for a while.

(That muted neon deliciousness is “Morning Glory” by Studio M, which I’ve only seen sold in the Meijer stores here in the Midwest. I actually love their whole collection and it makes me sad to think of how much I spent on the “Bleached Neons”collection from the Maybelline Color Show line last year.)

There it is…the smallest and perhaps weirdest “goal” of ever, but it is a step in a direction, I suppose. #nailolympics


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