Year End Close Out/2017 Reboot…

Let’s go for a ~6 month check in, shall we?

sageanddaddylunch(1) The formerly squishy babe has become a 1 year old and surpassed the 20 pound mark. She is a climber and an engineer.

(2) Still in Michigan! We’re a bit divided on whether or not we want to stay in the city that we’ve been in or look at moving either to the small town that Hubby’s job is in or to the other side of it… There are pros and cons to both, as well as pros and cons to staying put for another year a half+ as well. (At the moment, I’m still team sit and stay put.)

(3) I’m wrapping up this semester and taking some serious time off of school. I’m no longer certain what I’d like my Bachelor’s degree in and there are other life events (see 5) that make a break the best option. Short-term, the plan is to take off two semesters (spring and summer 2017). Long-term, depending on how things develop, it may turn into a few years. I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with spending another semester (and loans) to pursue something that I don’t know that I want anymore and that I’m struggling with because I have so much going on in my life at any given moment.

(4) Still depressed. Still in pain. Still frustrated with some things in life. *shrug* I’ve decided that a “sit down and shut up” approach is probably best for the moment, though. Don’t get me wrong; I have an amazing sister and many amazing friends/neighbors that are there for me. However, being open with everyone in my life and explain why I feel the way that I do about certain things isn’t always productive. Many people do not “get” it. They’re not trying to be cruel or judgmental, but…sometimes…they hurt more than they help without realizing it simply because they do not understand. I will reach out when I need to and share updates if and when I have any. I’m just…starting to feel like I’m beating a dead horse (or the skeleton of which) in talking about it for a while. It’s there. It’s not going anywhere right now. Give the pink elephant in the corner a peanut on your way by and let’s move forward a bit.

sylis (5) There’s one last little ray of sunlight coming in May! We were thinking we’d try for another babe in another year or so…but we figured it would be something we tried for and that there would be no guarantee that it would happen. Like, I started back on The Pill in September to try to regulate my cycle and it seemed so far fetched that we could be pregnant that my doctor didn’t even bother checking. Surprise!

We’re about 3 months now and know that he’s a, well, he. All of the ultrasounds and such have also begun to indicate that this was probably our last chance to have another baby/that waiting is looking like it not have worked out. What does work out is that I feel like I’m at a good point to pause college anyway, we still have a great deal of baby stuff, and the youngest two will be closer in age. So…win, win, win. (And, you know, I’d already been eyeballing the adorable little baby boy outfits in the stores even before we knew and before we knew he was a boy.)

(6) Everything else. I have a set of assignments to finish for one of my classes and then I’m christmasjust…done for a while. I’m going to be spending December mostly cleaning, organizing, and trying to feel better while continuing to seek out answers to the pain that preceded the depression. I also want to sneak in here and update the page design at some point. I’m working on a writing schedule to try (no, really!) to get back into writing more again. And I have holiday baking to do. Gifts are bought and (mostly) wrapped. The tree is up and the rest of the holiday decor scattered (at least inside…I might take a crack at some outside stuff this weekend.)

tree For whatever reason, shortly after my last post, all of my nails broke and continued to break. All I could do was shrug, laugh, and move on. I don’t think I have the genetic predisposition to grow “Cristine” length nails. They’re not even close to the longest that I know that I can grow them right now, but that could also have to do with whatever is plaguing my body. I’m resigning from worrying about it for the month, regardless of cause.

And that seems to cover it… I’m going to try to check back in a time or two here before 2017, but…I make no promises. It’s December…I know better!


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