Working on it Wednesdays…

Cleaning & Organizing Edition.

I think Liz and I have the same tactic for getting back on the writing train; themed days. Haha Check out her Woman Crush Wednesday here! While I could gush about Jenna Coleman (the actress that plays Clara on Doctor Who) and style blogger Keiko Lynn endlessly, I thought maybe my Wednesdays could be spent keeping myself accountable for all of the ongoing projects I have going on!

The last month or so, I’ve been working on deep cleaning, decluttering and trying to better organize things around our house.

sagehelping The other day, little Sage helped me to change the air filters in the vacuum, as well as thoroughly wiping it down and getting hair out of the rollers. It works infinitely better now!

I’ve also been working on decluttering my makeup collection and finding new ways to organize what I’m keeping. To which there are some limitations with a toddler that likes to climb in the house…whose favorite thing to get into seems to be makeup, especially those things with caps that twist or pull off. (We were just in Meijer and they have the new L’oreal Infallible Lip Paints… I know…I know…paring down…decluttering…but…wild colors! At the drug store! In awesome formulas!! Anyway…in two seconds flat she had the cap off of Navy Spy and was wiping her little blue baby fingers all over my sweater! Luckily, it was a black sweater at least.)

Anyway, via the magic of Pinterest, I decided to get some bead organizers from JoAnn today to use for my individual ColourPop and NYX shadow pots…

eyeshadows I need a third. Those four empty slots are for the pending order that I put in a few days ago, so none of my NYX colors or gel creme eyeliner pots have a home just yet… *hangs head in shame* (I swear I’m going on a staunch no-buy in 2017. I am!) So, for less than $3 each after coupons, I can now easily see what I have and not have to chase them all around the inside of my vanity-desk drawer! AND it freed up a ton of space in my wall-mounted organizers for more stuff!

I still need to round up ALL of my lip products and declutter. I think some of my ColourPop liquids have gone bad; they smell very…chemical-ly while the newer ones I’ve gotten don’t. Poo, but it will make choosing a color easier…hopefully. Ha.

Our kitchen is my next big step. I’m going to seriously need to summon my bravery for it. We have a fair amount of cabinet space in this house, but it isn’t the most functional layout and…sippy cups. Those things are the biggest organizational pain the butt. Even Pinterest seems to have limited suggestions for what to do with them.

I feel good about the start that I’m off and now…time to go start dinner! My lovely Grandmother and Grandfather in-law sent us the annual roast that they send us every Christmas and I’m making these glorious mushrooms that we tried and loved on Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday!!


One thought on “Working on it Wednesdays…

  1. When we moved we got rid of a lot of stuff since it was going to be sitting in storage for 2 1/2 months, which significantly cut down on the clutter. A year later, and we’re back up to pre-move clutter levels, and it is driving me crazy. It’s amazing to me how much stuff people accumulate throughout their lives, and its just the two of us right now! Throwing another person’s stuff on top of that is going to make me supremely twitchy.

    *goes to start cleaning out closets like a mad woman*

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