A Slightly Belated Transparency Tuesday…


Two screen shots from my conversation with my husband the other night. It sums up my never ending struggle with the housework. I cleaned both rounds up and it took less than 5 minutes total…but that’s not counting having to stop whatever I was trying to get done to do it and then try to find my way back on track. It’s exhausting.

Today I planned to spot clean a few spots with the carpet cleaner; the dog is a jerk. (Though, to be fair, if I were 20″ tall and had to go outside naked and barefoot in the snow…I’d probably refuse and opt to pee inside too.) Then Sage dumped her cup on the ottoman that I just cleaned yesterday while I was trying to figure out tires for the car. I get that cleaned up and hit the pee spots and…she’s stolen our toilet paper and shredded bits across the house. Now might be a good time to point out the obnoxious level of toys both of the girls have… Ugh.

My “Working on it Wednesday” is pretty lackluster so far… I’m still working on organizing and doing maintenance on things (I suppose today’s arrangement of a tire appointment counts…), but I’m at a bit of a stand still while I’m waiting for some things to arrive from Amazon and for Christmas to pass so that I can use my closet once more. I did get in some bins and labels the other day, but haven’t done a lot with them yet. Mostly, I’m just not quite sure where to put them at the moment. I have some things that still need to be sorted through and many, many projects that need to be worked on/finished. I think I’m going to start working on some of those projects at night, after Sage is in bed. Otherwise, it’s never going to get done. Oh, I did get little Sylis’ things sorted and put away in the closet the other night. He’s still something like -22 weeks, but he’s already amassing “stuff.” Haha

Well, I have a few plants to repot and then I’m going to see if I can find an extension cord; if I can, I’m putting up some outside lights on the porch. If not, then I’m calling it good for this year and moving on from Christmas decorating with only 11 days to go anyway…time to get on that!


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