Flashback Friday: One Year Ago.


Little Girl Sage Rage fell asleep on my arm.

She’s never been a great sleeper. There’s something in her nature that’s fearful. She never ‘just wakes up,’ but wakes up upset and crying if she wakes up alone. It’s only been very, very recently that she’s fallen asleep a few times without being thisclose to one of us. Bath times still don’t really happen and they never happen with her in the bath by herself.

At this point last year, she had only really begun her teething journey in earnest and she got the short end of the stick with me; my only real experience being with oldest daughter and she didn’t care about teething. Sure, she could be irritable at times, but nothing like my baby girl! We did not have evenings filled with hours of screaming and trying to put everything in the world in her tiny maw with my oldest. So, I feel like I’m at a disadvantage and that none of the “tried and true” teething advice we’ve received has helped this particular tiny little human.

This year isn’t much different. Her incisors are coming in and, true to form with the rest of her teeth, they’re all coming at the same time. It’s making for one very unhappy little babe once more this December.


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