straberries Today was a long day. I woke up too early, stayed up to drive to Troy with Hubby; he’s had training there all week and wanted to show me a couple of things out there and eat lunch out there, wandered through a Meijer for almost three hours, and ended up feeling…just…off. The best way that I can put it is that my body seems really unhappy about the lack of structure this week has provided.

Anyway, putting all other things aside for the moment, a big focus of my bullet journal this year has been charting and adding to our holiday traditions. Last year, Megan wanted to get chocolate covered strawberries. (I have a hunch that they’d made an appearance on one of her TV shows.) It isn’t really a request that I wanted to deny and it lined up pretty close to Valentines Day so…this happened.

Buying them online probably isn’t cost effective. (Definitely isn’t, actually.) I could probably make them for 1/8th of the cost at home. But…they’re HUGE berries. They’re better looking than anything that I could make. And there’s just something fancy about getting food in the mail! So, once again this year, I went online and placed my order tonight to be delivered the Friday before Valentines (the closest I could get without going over or paying more for special day shipping/delivery…when shipping is already $10 for a regular day!).

This year, I’m also planning on decorating the dining room a bit. I read ‘Happier at Home‘ a while ago and that’s one of the things that stuck; celebrating even the smaller holidays. Going for the whole house being decorated would be a bit much, but the dining room is manageable, a common area, and one that most of us gather in daily. (Though Hubby’s schedule presently has his away for dinner most nights.) While there is comfort and safety in traditions, I feel like this might also help to break up the boring aspects of everyday life too.


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