Working on it Wednesday: Basement.

basementbeforeToday just started out as one of those days that I knew wasn’t going to be a great one. I couldn’t sleep last night. My back has been killing me. I felt so out of sorts when I did wake up today that I just wanted to go right back to bed.

Instead, I opted to get myself together relatively quickly and make a fast trip to the Dollar Tree for some inexpensive bins and try to sort out the basement. I took a load of laundry down with me and spent almost three hours sorting out all of the tools, cleaning supplies, holiday decor, and miscellaneousĀ things that ended up dumped down there when nowhere else seemed appropriate.

basementafterI took a massive box of trash out to the curb for garbage day tomorrow and the pictures don’t convey how much roomier the space feels now without things stacked in front of the shelves, but…it is a lot better. It is now one less thing on the never ending to-do list! I have a couple of small tweaks that I want to make yet, but…overall…I’m thrilled to have the bulk of it done.


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