Catch Up Time… (Now with Baby Picture Spam!)

SylisGrayson Woo, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything here…

We had our baby and he is doing great! However, it was a bumpy road to that point… I think it was shortly after my last check-in that they told us he had an enlarged left ventricle in his brain. It pushed the upper limits (at first) and then a bit beyond what they consider to be “normal.” It was a lot of stress and uncertainty for those last few months. Then, two weeks before he was due, it just…went away. Our scans from that point on were fine and he has shown no signs of anything being wrong. Yay!

A week before he was due, I started retaining fluid like crazy. So much so that they quickly directed us to the nearest hospital for an induction. In the long run, it turned out to be “nothing,” but in those moments, it was stressful and we are definitely out of the baby having business!

In any case, in the early morning of May 11th, we ushered in an exactly-9-pound baby boy and have been smitten with him ever since!

watchingmulanHe’s the best little man!

I had a check-in with my rheumatologist in June. It…wasn’t the most fruitful meeting. She didn’t see anything compelling in my bloodwork except that I have elevated inflammation levels. Her next step is pretty much to just start prescribing me medications and…see what works! I’m…not sure how to feel about that. Due to nursing Little Boy though, I have another 8 months to think about it.

I have good days and bad days; nothing else has really changed on that front. My memory fails seem to be getting worse and more frequent. I’ve been stressed and anxious lately, but there’s not much that I can do about it that I’m not already. Basically, I’m just pushing through one day at a time.


In late July, my oldest went to live with her dad in Florida for at least the next few years. Looking at everything that was going on, it was the best thing for her. She seems to be doing better there for the moment. I have some general reservations, but maybe that’s just…differing parenting styles and experiences. For the moment, it’s not my path to walk, so I’m trying to just sit quietly and not judge as much as possible. If I don’t speak much about her in the coming months, that’s why. I still very much love her and am in no way trying to pretend that she doesn’t exist. I just…don’t want to tread on them. I hope it all works out for the best and that’s all that I can do right now.


In August, I decided that I was ready to adopt a cat. (My oldest cat had passed away in Novemeber and my other/second oldest passed away in January. We still had my husband’s [3] cats, but I found myself petless for the first time…ever? Save a parakeet that isn’t fond of us…I don’t think that counts.) So, we went to our local pound and I adopted Ragnvlad, Destroyer of Mice. He has been an absolutely perfect fit for our household. ❤

The last few weeks have seen some serious talks between the hubster and I about what we want to do for our future. More or less, do we want to stay in Michigan or naw? Right now, he wants to stick it out at his current job and make a go of it. Just…not in the city that we’re in now. My home is where ever he is and I will make the best of Michigan if he is content to stay here. So, that has at least left me feeling a bit more…settled. I like having a plan.



Now we’re on to the next part of this journey; making home home and moving on with life with two little people and four cats in our household. Figuring out how to make funds stretch the furthest, what to make for dinner, and how to do the cutesy Pinterest stuff on occasion without losing my mind. Wanna come with? I have chocolate…

<3, April