A few days ago, I stumbled into Booksgiving. I bought a few and posted a wishlist for the one book that my sister hadn’t been able to nail down on Kindle and a book that I’d been meaning to pick up for Sylis… It had made it into my cart 372 times, but each time I’d get to check out, realize I needed to scale back my total and decide we didn’t “need” another book right then. *grumbles* Or 30 pink lawn flamingoes

To be fair, Sage has a ton of books and he’ll definitely reap the benefit of them, but…he has only a handful that are just ‘his’. I foresee there being a lot of, “MINE!” in our future between the two… Sage is fully there already. So, we joined in the fun!

Today his book arrived and Sage even stayed down for a nap while we read it. He thinks cats at the gym is hilarious. ❤